People thought we were dating. Should I bring this up with him?

There's this guy at work who for awhile I was hanging out with quite a bit. We'd go for lunch and people would see us leave together, walk in together, etc. Take that plus the fact that lots of people just thought we would be a cute couple. Turns out, a lot of people thought we were dating. Things have gotten a wee bit weird between us in that we don't hang out as much. I thought we were going to have a relationship but neither of us really took it further than movie dates and lunches.

Would it be weird to mention that people thought we were dating?


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  • it's not weird to talk about it, but eventually the rumors will bring the topic of conversation up sooner or'll have to talk about it with him to figure out if the relationship is purely platonic or more...whatever the outcome, it stays that way until another opportune moment


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