I've found the perfect guy......online.

..online. I know some of you do not believe in liking somebody over the internet, and I did once too...but wow my views have changed! This guy is completely perfect for me and we are perfect for each other. The problem is..he only thinks of me as a friend and says he's not ready for a relationship. Should I continue being his friend or what should I do?

He lives a thousand miles away which sucks even more :/

It's weird because we are EXACTLY, and I mean E.X.A.C.T.L.Y, the same and he's the one I've been looking for all along and it hurts me that he doesn't want a relationship :( What should I do for now?


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  • First of all... we're ALL perfect on the internet. We can be anybody we want to be - say anything we want to say - and pretend to be single, married, no kids, never in jail, blah blah blah. Honey, this is not a "relationship".. Relationhips are day to day contact - in person - ? How do you date a guy a thousand miles away? You have NO Idea if this guy has a girlfriend ( and isn't telling you .. why should he?) or that anything he's told you is true. He may just be agreeing with you - or could he be bored at night and needs someone on the other end of his computer? I'm sure you're a very nice girl. There is NO future in this... and NO, this is NOT a relationship.. It's an internet friend. That's it. Please don't believe in some fantasy that will never come true. Just chat on the internet if you want to - but don't ever think of this guy as your boyfriend.. He isn't. Find a nice guy in your town who you can date - hug - go out to eat with - go to movies, etc. etc. Who are you going to date on weekends? Who will take you to parties? Dances? Keep your options open here and stay in your own backyard. It's safer. You have NO idea who this guy is. Hugz.


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  • I know plenty of people that have meet each on the internet and then got married. They are still married till this day. But here is the thing, they where relatively close to each other, so that whole 1000 a way thing, I don't knw how you guys would see each? Dating on the internet is fine just do it with someone that is near you.

  • just be friends over the internet and date people in your area

    • Right boss...nothing is better than just be friends, specially on internet.

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  • You should keep being his friend, because one day he might be ready for a relationship with you and when that day comes, distance won't matter. I have friends and family that have met their true loves over the internet. One of them is even married now and truly happy.

    If you think he's perfect for you then you just have to wait for him. It'll keep getting harder the more you like him so don't try to get too attached. Hopefully he'll grow up and realize that you're the one for him too :)

    Hope this helps, good luck with this guy :) Hang in there!

  • Hey There-

    I am actually a blogger on online dating and distance is something I'd like to cover in one of my upcoming posts. I've had experience with it in the past and it has been both a negative and positive experience for the both of us with an outcome of "taking a break."

    Check out the blog..post any questions you may have under the tab entitled, "dating dilemmas."

    I wish you the best of luck!


  • I met my current boyfriend online and we've been together for 2.5 years. It's always been long distance but we're still happy, and soon I'll finish uni and go down and live with him hopefully.

    However, the important thing is, we didn't get together till we met in person. I had a crush on him while we were just talking online, but I knew you can't really *know* someone till you meet and spend time with them. Like others on here have said, you can be anyone you want on the internet.

    The fact that he lives 1000 miles away probably plays into why he doesn't want a relationship; he'd never see you. Also it kinda makes me think that maybe he HAS been pretending about some things, and he doesn't want you to find out. In reality he's probably not your perfect guy. I know it's hard, but try to let it go. You'll find someone else in time.

  • Honestly I don't see anything with online dating - but this guy lives what a thousand miles away? - and may I ask where do you live? and where does he live?

    I mean how are you going to start a relationship using via internet? -- and lets throw in a web cam... after a certain amt of time you are going to want to met and see him-- I mean there are too many loop holes to dating long distance especially if it is a thousand miles away.

    now if he's like a few miles a way-- I say keep him in mind

    but he lives so far-- keep your options open and look for someone in your own area-

    wouldn't you much rather cuddling with a person then hugging your computer at night and missing someone you you may or maybe be able to see on a daily basis.. ?..

    and my friend dated one of her childhood friends when she was 18 , She lives in the United states and He lives in the Philippines.. but they only get to see each other once a year during Christmas -- and I really don't know what kind of relationship was that-- and eventually they broke up because she found someone else that Lives near her..

    stay friends with him- if you think he's a good pal... but keep your options open and move on.

    and may I ask how old are you and how old is this guy? because like that one user says he could "lie" - so make sure to keep yourself safe -- and make sure he's not too old or you hun..

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