Will she call me or was she just joking?

For the past couple months or so I have been working at a restaurant with this really amazing girl. She is quite a few years older than me and I felt like she was way out of my league, no chance at all. Well over time she seemed to take great affection to me, touching me a lot and always calling me babe and whatnot. Well tonight was her last night working there and she was talking about riding bikes together which of course had me excited. She then asked for my number but did not give me hers and I was too stupid to ask for it. She then left in a hurry to pick up her sister a little later without saying so much as goodbye.

So now I am thinking they whole thing was a joke to her and that she was just playing with me. I can get her number off of an employee roster posted in the restaurant but I won't be back there until next weekend. So I feel like an idiot and heartbroken at the same time. Does this sound like she was just toying with me or does she really want to see me more and will actually call or text this week?


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  • Don't get so discouraged just yet! Why would she ask for your number just to leave you hanging like that? That's like not even creating drama or whatever if you won't be seeing each other at work and stuff anymore.

    Anyways, wait it out to see what happens. It's quite possible she'll get in contact with you! And if not, get her number the next time you're at work, and ask her about whether she'd still be interested in going biking together. Good luck!

  • oh come on...girls are not that cruel haha..that would be so immature dumb and pointless. she must like if she asked for your number...otherwise we won't waste our time...especially to just mess with a guys feellings. she'll contact you, wait a week...if not she try and get her number and call her.


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