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Friends with benefits or something more?

This guy I have known for many years (used to be my brother's best friend) has shown interest in me. Last weekend I asked him how many girls he has had sex with, and he told me 2, which was girls he had been serious with. I wonder, why did he hav sex with me? Does he want to have a thing with me, or just friends with benefits? I can't understand considering the 2 girls he has had sex with. Also, I was with him yesterday (we didn't have sex because I'm on my period) and we talked and kissed. Nothing really tells me he's madly in love, but at the same time he is kind of a shy guy. And by the way, next weekend we're gonna hang out because then we can have sex again.

Anf ofc there are simple things he has said and done, but I can't tell everything because I don't know which matter and what they mean. Like, we held hands, he kissed me goodbye, he wants me to start taking birth control pills, but I don't know if these things can play in on the answer of my question. Please help me, guys are impossible to read.
Friends with benefits or something more?
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