Guys, So guys, what does "meeting just the two of us" means to you?

I really like this guy, we met in a party and I had his number so I texted him the day after:
"Hey, how are you?
I had a blast last night and I
wanted to know if you would like us to meet just the two of us? :)"
  • She sees me as a friend, we are meeting as friends
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  • She wants to go out on a date with me - I would say yes if I liked her
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I asked him out!
My question was if you would get this from a girl if you were going as friends or as a date?


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  • Go out as friends, or possibly date once you've gotton to know each other better in genral.

  • He is asking you out on a date. No parties but a one on one date.

  • Sounds like he just wants to meet you. Just the two of you. Sounds like he does like you though; however I wouldn't call it a date.

    • I asked him! lol
      His reply was I would be happy to

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    • So would you see this as a date?

    • I've already mentioned that I wouldn't see this as a date. Although it does look like you are interested.

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