This guy sure texts me A LOT!

I guess I'm so surprised he's so seemingly into me, because I've liked him for so long and never thought he was into me.

I found him on facebook on Tuesday night (we work next door to each other in the mall). We have been talking ever since. He responds immediately, and is super talkative. Then we exchange numbers and we end up texting all day every day. Sometimes when I don't text back (usually because I don't feel like there is anything to say) he will text me again.

He was saying how he wanted a sidekick to do errands with and was asking me what makes me such a good "sidekick/" And since I'm leaving the mall and getting a new job he was saying how Ill "still have a familiar face" at the mall and Ill still have a chocolate hookup for my favorite shop in the mall.

i guess what I'm asking, is, is it just me or is this boy really really into me?


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  • I think he does like you, he sounds interested, and the 'familiar face' comment may mean that he wants to see your face often as well.

    • Thats what I'm thinking too, that and the things he's saying make me think he wants to date me. the whole "chocolate hookup" "sidekick" and then him talking about coming to see me at my new job makes me think he wants to date me.

    • I agree,

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  • He's always texting you and calling you... what more do you need to know?

  • unfortuneately, you probably perceive him as the "nice-guy", weak, a guy you can push around, clingy, desperate, needy, what's unfair is that you girls can be like that but us guys won't mind

    • No, I'm actually really into this guy, I've just never had a guy show this much interest.

    • Still, it's easier for you girls

    • Girls can't be like that at all. Girls catch the same amount of flack for being clingy and desperate. Haven't you heard of the term "stage 5 clinger" and stuff like that? Girls get the same amount of crap.

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