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Is it okay for me to ask my boyfriend to drop a certain girl as a "friend"?

Basically, a week before I started dating him, he and this girl "K" were talking. Everyone - including her - knew how much I liked him. She went and asked him out to the movies. He was still going to go after we started dating and invited me BUT then rescinded the invite and said he would tell her they're just gonna be friends before they leave her porch. I talked hum out of it because that's rude and makes me feel uncomfortable because he said that I was the one that "won". I didn't know I was in a competition. Now, it's almost a month and he still hasn't told her that he's with me but supposedly (he says) she hasn't texted him in a while. I don't feel comfortable. Regardless of radio silence - if there is any, I feel like he should drop her because she knew I liked him and had everyone telling him pretty much and yet she pursued. On her last day working, she said Hi to me way to excitedly and we NEVER spoke a word to each other. That was when she asked him to the movies. Is it wrong of me to ask him to block her? She's throwing off vindictive vibes and I don't feel comfortable knowing someone is waiting for him even if she does know but he hasn't told her.
Is it okay for me to ask my boyfriend to drop a certain girl as a "friend"?
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