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Okay I like this girl. I asked her to the movies last week and we made out. We ended up making out all through the week and I started to like her even more. Started holding hands in class and people started finding out about us. Then this week I ask her to go to a movie with me she first said she was going to visit family then she said her dad would say no finally she just told me she didn't feel like going but it was nothing against me. So I asked her if she wanted to break up with me or something and she said no she still liked me she just didn't like dating. Then a bit after that I asked her if she wanted to make us official. She said no she just wanted to be friends then asked if I was mad. I told her it was fine if she didn't like me and she said she liked me a lot she just doesn't like dating. I don't get that at all. And another thing is she told me she loved me just yesterday. I feel like punching someone in the head right now.


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  • Well, maybe she just needed time. Yesterday she said she loved you so maybe she has come to a decision. Maybe you can calmy and politely ask were you stand now, and tell her if she needs time to decide anything she has it.

  • Don't we all sometimes... the head-punching feeling, I mean.

    I think she does like you, and maybe give it some time, it's only been a week. While I will play devil's advocate, and say that she might be dropping off, and sticking with you because she likes the attention, you should not take that as law, I hope she would have been honest enough to say she doesn't want to date you anymore if that is how she feels. Maybe she's just adjusting to the relationship, I'd say give it time, stay close, and communicate with her, but give hr space if she needs some. And try not to punch anyone who would want to respond in kind.

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