Is it possible to have a rebound a year after a breakup?

My ex and I broke up about a year ago and I have just now started to date someone new. The new girl is cool, I get along with her really well, she has a great sense of humor. We've slept together and I want to continue seeing her.

However, in the midst of all of this I can't stop thinking about my ex. I'm not rushing into the relationship with the new girl which is what I normally do and even though I like the new girl a lot my mind constantly goes to thoughts of the ex, asking myself 'what-ifs' and all of that.

Is this girl a rebound? I don't really want to treat a girl like that (We haven't made anything even close to official just having a good time with each other). Or are my shields just up over a really bad break up with a girl that I thought was 'the one?'


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  • Honestly to its always a rebound when the following happens:

    it comes after a serious relationship( rarely works out).

    you re still thinking of your ex and the "what ifs'' and 'could this and that happen' or 'is it too fast should I wait longer' thingy.

    you compare the current girl with your ex.

    you try to avoid places you used to go to with your ex.

    you go home after the amazing date you just had with this new girl and suddenly your ex pops in your head for no reason.

    you masturbate thinking of this new chick and suddenly the ex's face replaced hers.

    you think deep inside that maybe someday there will be a chance of getting back together with her..

    you re simply not over your ex ( I know we could never be really over someone, but you know what I mean)

    if you feel like any of those then yes its a rebound, how about you just be straight and honest with the new girl and see how it goes without leading her on or lying to her.. just be honest...

    • Everything you said sounds about accurate. And I have no intention of lying to the new girl and I don't want to lead her on. We've had no conversation about how serious we are and if/when it comes up I will be honest with her about how I got hurt and how it has taken me a long time to be ready to even date again, etc.

      I don't want to be with my ex again, she's toxic to me but the thoughts are still there. It sucks, ya know?

    • I understand it happens. just be honest =)

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  • Ok.I understand what's happening here,I have had the problem before.First off it is possible but it does not mean that's what happening to you,does not mean that's a rebound.You slept together and you guys have not made anything official.If you were just banging her and not getting feelings but your just using her in that moment,of sex to not think about your ex that would be different.

    Its clear you like her and like you said yo wanna continue seeing her so its perfectly fine.

    It is also normal for you to think of you ex,after all you loved her and she had a place in your heart and that is ok,its like a scar from an injury it will fade but some take longer than others.

    You are trying to move on and you slept with this girl before and its not official,if you were rushing it would be a rebound but your clearly taking your time.