Our ex’s won't leave us alone and is wanting to break us apart?

My ex (father to my son) refuses to let another man step into his life and hates the idea of me wanting to start a family with someone besides him. He makes a huge fuss and gets very verbal about it. While on the other end my boyfriend right now, his ex girlfriend says she will stop at nothing until he is hers again. She blows up his phone and is trying to get him back and is trying to break us up. My ex does not consistently text me like his ex does. Im scared his feelings are going to waver and he will go back to her. I live an hour away from him and see him about once a week whereas she lives about 25 or 30 minutes away. She also has her own place, i do not. He tells me he doesn't have those kinds of feelings for her but for some reason when we talk about the issue him saying that is not reassuring. The way he talks about it and explains me about her makes me feel differently. If that was me and there was no child involved the guy would be blocked and never spoken to again. He said the reason he doesn't do that is because they have mutual friends and he cares for her as a person but not in a way he would want to be in a relationship with her. With her interfering like this is effecting the way he is to me, its hard to have a carefree relationship because she's shoving memories and i love yous, you belong to me in his mind. What should i do? Or anyone would like to share their experience if ever gone through something similar.


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  • have serious talk about it with him before conting the relationship. Do whats best for your child.

    • Yeah we talked about yet yesterday, and he says he wants this with me but i just feel im about to lose him and there's nothing i can do about it

    • if u really want him. make it clear to his ex that he his off the market. also give him 2 choice. either stop talking to her or we break up.

    • Just my opinion

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