What's with the cold shoulder all of a sudden?

okay, I really need advice badly. this might be long.

so, I am (or was) good friends with this guy I used to date. When we had broken up it was on good terms and we still talked to each other daily and what not. he was even comfortable asking for girl advice from me. After the first break up, we tried to date again like a year later, but that didn't work out either, but still remained good friends.

so just last month, he made a bet with me. he said that if I couldn't stay an A student, then I had to kiss him. Key words: HE MADE THE BET. I accepted 1. because I was pretty confident with my grades and 2. because secretly, I still had a bit of a crush on him, and wanted to kiss him. It's always been like this. We start going out, and then break up, and I find myself not being able to handle certain things about him. But then a while afterward, I find myself filled with intense nostalgia and sadness. I find that I'm craving him.

Anyway, I decided to try and work up the nerve to alter our bet so that it worked in my favor either way. I wanted to make it so that if I remained an A student, he had to kiss me (you see? its the other way around :P) Anyway, so I go to talk to him on fb and, he's just so off and distant all of a sudden. This confused and hurt me so much. He had a total vocab of 4 words, yeah, hahah, and just busy. I tried many time to talk to him over the past month, and he just didn't respond like he used to. I saw him in our school hallway and said hey and smiled, and he didn't even stop, said "hullo" kept his head kinda low and kept walking. Every time I see him in the place where he hangs out he's always laughing and fooling around with his friends, so I ruled out anything to do with being sad or something. It's just so confusing, and now, I find out today that he's dating someone...:(:S


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  • Hmmn.

    Could be he was hoping for more of a reaction from the bet. maybe a reply of 'why make it a bet I could kiss you right now'. Perhaps by taking the bet he saw you as just putting off the idea of kissing him entirely.

    Maybe he just mulled in the thought of that and thought you really didn't care anymore or something... and kinda moved on.

    all I can think of...

    • Alright I get that, it's possible. thanks the cheshire cat. but then if he thought I didn't care anymore, or wasn't interested in him like that, then why stop talking to my entirely? we were pretty close.

    • He could have just had his feelings hurt that much.. he might have been picking up an idea you cared for him again- so he threw you that chance to show it (maybe right?) and you didn't exactly take it... so it left his male pride wounded and dejected. again I don't know if this is so.. just what I'm gathering based on what you said

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