BACHELORS OVER 35: Dating Questionnaire?

BACHELORS OVER 35: Dating Questionnaire?
1. Why are you still single?

2. Is dating much harder at this stage in life?

3. Do you date with hopes to find "Her?"

4. How do people react when they learn of your single status?

5. Do you foresee marriage and children in the future?

6. Are you picky?

7. Is there an underlying fear of being tied down, and losing your freedom and independence?

8. Is your career more important to you?

9. Do you enjoy sleeping around?

10. Describe your dream woman.

11. True or false: the unmarried man over 30 is commitment-phobic.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I guess I'm not 35 but I consider myself a lifelong bachelor:

    (1) I have had 3 relationships and found women to be intrusive, demanding, needy/clingy.
    (2) Dating is getting easier and easier as I age and as my educational status goes up.
    (3) No, I date because I like to have sex.
    (4) Men accept it. Some women are surprised. Some women get jealous/upset.
    (5) Nope.
    (6) Very picky.
    (7) Hell yea.
    (8) My career is 100 times more important to me than women.
    (9) It's what I do to de-stress.
    (10) Asian-American. Nurse. Under 25.
    (11) False. Some men simply can't find wives.


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What Guys Said 10

  • 1. I’m picky
    2. No, it’s easier
    3. Yes
    4. Most people don’t react. Girls tend to light up
    5. Possibly
    6. See #1
    7. No
    8. No
    9. No
    10. No
    11. False. He’s childish-games-phobic

  • I was single at 35 because my heart was broken. That's it. I got married at 38 but should have remained single. No one should get married after 35 if you've lived on your own for several years.

  • For men over 30 its not hard
    If they are relatively stable and well grounded. Easy cakes

    For women. Forget it. A nightmare after 35

  • 1. I'm not outgoing. 2. I am sure it would be. 3. No. 4. Indifferent. 5. No. 6. Probably more than I should be. 7-9. No. 10. Smart strong independent with a sense of humor. 11. No.

  • I will be married before I hit 35. At least unless something really fucked up happens.

  • If we don't keep trying we just snuggle up and die and older people or more open about certain subjects

  • 1. I just want to be single
    2. No
    3. No
    4. They don't care
    5. No
    6. No
    7. No
    8. Yes
    9. No
    10. I like to sleep in my own bed
    11. False

  • Single by choice. I don't find that dating is harder if anything it's easier, I'm more financially secure and most women 35+ pretty much know what they want.
    I don't have hopes of finding this perfect for marriage woman, I date looking for a kindred spirit.
    I find no adverse or surprise reactions to a single status at all
    I do not forward marriage or children moving forward. Possible marriage.
    I'm very picky.
    I do have somewhat of a fear losing independence and freedom. I don't like to have to check in.
    My career is at the point where I really don't have to make sacrifices in my personal life at all.
    I don't enjoy sleeping around, I mean there certainly could be worse things but enjoyment from sleeping around, that was like 10-15 , years ago.
    Dream woman but sexy, confident, smart, independent, secure and very sexual, a bit of a freak.
    I don't believe in the commitment phobic statement.

  • May be he didn't find a right girl n busy with career development

  • Im not 35


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