He's jealous : How can I make it better?

i have a crush and i think that he's crushing on me too like he gets jealous and his friends are teasing him. i've never talked to him but he's in my class and we follow each other on instagram.

So, in fact, i posted a story where i mentionned some friends of my brother and he was the first one to see it. He blocked me lol

I know that it's jealousy bc it's not the first time that he act like that (he already "pushed" my brother when he was talking to me not knowing that it was my brother) and i'm scared that he'll stop liking me.

So i was wondering, what should i do to show him that i don't care about the other boys but him?
Thank you ~


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  • Message him and embarrass Jim by saying I know you like me and you're jealous as fuck anytime you see another boy who wants me

    • Lol i wish i could but i never talked to him before but we've been.. flirting? Like our acting and stuff

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    • But if he reacts in a bad way?

    • He won't, he may just try to play it off at first but then say well that's too bad because if you do then I just may tell you I like you too. That gets what you want from him while implying that you like him too without actually having to completely admit it #loophole

  • Just tell one of your girl friend, who is also a friend of him to explain it to him. That way he won't know its comming from you and he will certainly understa nd.


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