Do you think he would be mad at me because I kinda called us "just friends"?

More specifically last time I saw him we were fooling around and I stopped before we got to intercourse. I didn't want to do anything more because we're not officially a couple. So when I was about to go home I said "sorry I suck as being just friends".
I said that because he doesn't want a relationship I don't think.

Do you think he's mad at me because 2 different times I texted him and he didn't answer?


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  • I think he's more just dissapointed about how close it got and you just kinda left emotionally. And he feels its his fault probably. Good luck fixing this as its messy.

    • What do you mean?

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    • Even though I'm the one texting him?
      Although he did text me when I had car problems

    • Just leave an open ended note that he would have to be rude not to respond and just leave it like that.

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  • No, it sounds like he wanted to have sex but you not wanting to wasn't what he expected. Two things... First don't start something you don't want to finish. Two, it's more his problem than yours in the sense that you don't want sex and he shouldn't get mad at that, but at the same time you shouldn't "turn on the oven" if you don't plan to "bake anything", hope that makes sense. I support you thought, except for that part of "fooling around". Also he should know that "fooling around" implies that you are not "just friends" anymore. You know what? Make life simpler, just stop taking part of stupid relationships overall, you guys' relationship sounds unnecessarily complicated.

    • No I know what you mean and that is my fault but with him it all flows together except for the relationship part.
      Is the mad at me? I mean he did talk to me and give me advice when I had my car troubles in between those two texts he didn't answer.
      Was it wrong of me too to also say "sorry I suck at being just friends"?

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    • Well then if that's this guy how can he be using me I'm confused?

    • If you don't know by now then nothing I will say will make sense, it's that or you are ignoring the fact on purpose cuz you don't mind being used as long as you get some of that fun for a time. You know what a sex toy is? That's how he sees you...

  • Yah.. blue balls are a bitch. Not cool


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