Whats your opinion on online relationships?

Not long distance, but purely online ones where you have never met the person.
  • They're the same as normal relationships
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  • They are dangerous and shouldn't be done
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  • They're fine but not for everyone
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  • They're better than normal relationships
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  • They should only be done if you know someone who has met the person
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Probably should've added a "they're pointless" option


Most Helpful Girl

  • I once met this guy online and we became online buddies. He was 27, pretty decent looking, funny and smart, if just a little on the clingy side. By that, I mean he was always there, waiting online. But ok, I could always be invisible if I wasn't in the mood to talk and he never actually complained if I didn't show up. He would tell me all kinds of things, about his love and sex life, about his ex girlfriends etc. and I would reciprocate. Just you know, the usual.
    He was single, but seemed to be interested in finding another partner, but he never told me stories about girls he was currently dating or trying to ask out. He kept mentioning girls living 1000s of miles away whom he was interacting with online and whatever current drama they had, but never a thing about a "real girl" he was actually dealing with physically.
    I wondered why he was bothering with all the online drama but figured he was perhaps still not ready to move on or something.
    Then one day, we talked about losing our virginity and I asked him when he had lost his.
    "Well," he said. "Technically I am still a virgin."
    I thought he was joking.
    "Ha. Ha. Ha. But... you told me you had sex. Many many times!!!"
    "Well, yes, online."
    It took me a moment to digest that.
    "But your girlfriends!!! You had girlfriends - one of them for like two years?" I was aghast.
    "So... didn't they want sex?"
    "They did. It was online."
    "But when you met them? What about then?"
    "I never met any of them."
    "Video chat?"
    "Only with one of them."
    I couldn't believe what I was hearing. All this time, he had been telling me about girls who (for all he knew) could have been a 50 year old, hairy man named Bob?
    "So... what... you don't even want a real girlfriend? Are you only into virtual partners?"
    "No. I just can't find a real girlfriend. I don't know how to talk to girls."

    Prior to this experience, I had thought online "romantic" relationships were either:
    a) Starter relationships for young teenagers, sort of like "safe" dating for those who weren't ready yet, or don't connect to anyone in their school or environment. This may or may not lead to an actual meeting.
    b) A way to find and get to know people - so basically, a way to noncommittally meet and screen people for compatibility before puttting in the effort of meeting them. BUT... your intentions are to meet the person if you connect.
    c) Something on the side for fun.

    So, they are OK for some people, yes. But in the case of this guy... nooooo


Most Helpful Guy

  • They are fine but not for everyone.

    I've been through one successfully but of course personally i would never recommend it to anyone first hand. Because this can work, but it is severely depended on the parties involved.

    Every relationship requires certain traits and attributions in order to be successful. Such as; Honesty; Loyalty; Trust; Respect; Dedication; Commitment; Sacrifices; Mutual Communication; Mutual Understanding; Mutual Agreements; Responsibility; Reliability; Selflessness and most importantly; true love. This is regardless of the type of the relationship. Whether it's physical; online; or a bite of each.

    Now; the very top main reason that i would not recommend online relationship to anyone first hand is because people nowadays can't even handle their physical relationships. Majority of people specially the youth today does not even know how it feels to be truly in love. Most of them are living in a bubble of infatuation and hormonal explosion. They are unable to define love and they are drowned in certain measurements that are not the most priorities of life but they got raised to believe so. Such as; Sex, Physical Characteristics and so many social battles which makes them to struggle in their relations even if it's physical. Many people can't communicate properly. So how they want to handle it online? It wouldn't be easy for them so i'd never bother to recommend it to anyone.

    Moreover; to me personally there is no difference between Online and Physical relationships. Well; don't get me wrong, the difference is obvious but the point is; the details are the same. The frame is different but details are aligned.

    For instance; one of the most important factors that many consider for online relationship, is detection of true identity. But the fact is; many people getting lied to right on their face in a very physical relation. They get robbed off right in front of their eyes; get misused emotionally; financially and sexually without the ability to detect it. So the actual truth is; it doesn't matter what form of relationship you're doing; you just must know how to watch your six and be acknowledged of what you doing and how you're doing it.

    I've had only one girlfriend in my entire life. She is from Finland. We met online. We are together for seven years now. Since 2012. We are about to get married soon. We're gonna live in Finland together.


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  • They're fine but not for everyone. You can meet cool people online and sometimes it is worth to try at least but it is hard when you live in different countries and there is no opportunity to meet. But at the beginning you are getting to know each other so you can plan meeting one day... why not :)

  • That’s not an actual relationship. But hey, as long as you know you aren’t being catfished that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

    • Not "pointless" just not the same thing as an actual relationship.

  • There's no such thing as an "on line relationship" .. they're just role play. Grow up. Nothing is real unless you meet in person.

    • Don't tell me to grow up? I'm 15 so obviously I am still in the process of that.

      I never even stated my opinion on this either, I just asked what everyone else thought of it

    • Sorry, I didn't look at the age of the person posting. I should do that from now on, and not respond to 15 yr olds.

    • *Shrugs* once again you're assuming. Like I said before, I never stated my opinion on this subject. I asked what other people thought of them.
      I mean, if you think thats stupid of me for asking what other people thought, I guess thats your opinion.

      Have fun assuming the opinions of other people :)

  • Are you kidding me. Online relationship. How is that a relationship. Lmao. Yea stupid as fuck.

  • sketchy af

  • I’d call it a waste of time more than anything

  • They're fine but not for everyone

  • They're fine but not for everyone

  • I used to do them

  • Same as nornal ones.


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