Should I wait for him to ask me?

Okay so homecoming is coming up and even though its like in the middle of October I don't know if I should just expect me and my boyfriend to go or should I wait for him to ask or like how do I do it?


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  • He is your boyfriend so that's a given that he will be your prom date. People only ask other people to teh prom if they are single because they have no one to go with you so they ask a person they like or a best friend, or guiys pick girls they hope they will get to slp with after, but no your boyfriend may ask just because or when that time comes yall will then talk about the time to come pick you up. Its like a no brainer so just chill out. I'm sure he will eventually talk about it with you.

    • Im not freaking out or anything I just didn't want things to be awkward for us but thank you :)

    • Your welcome

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  • He's your boyfriend, it's unspoken that you guys are going together

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