Why are women mostly all prissies now?

It's really hard to find somebody who's worth dating. Honestly. The only ones worth a damn, I've noticed, are the stereotypical daddy issue girls that wear chokers. Nothing wrong with that. But the alternative is stereotypical Dutch Bros drinking, Uggs wearing, pop listening, iPhone using, nurse aspiring, volleyball playing thots. Seems like generalizing has become very easy to do now due to the marginal range being so small.

Unlike myself, I'm not in any stereotypical group. I can't even be considered for any single one. A computer whiz that wants to join local police and eventually become a forensic analyst or a detective. My favorite sports being fencing and snowboarding. Listen to 2000s rock/metal. No accessories, only a necklace that is a ring that reads truth. Jeans. Solid jacket. Solid colored shirt. Google phone. Math whiz. Can write books worth of essays. I don't find sex all that great other than for enhancing a relationship. Reserved and polite but will beat the shit out of anyone who hurts someone close.

Do I fit a stereotype group or am I being biased? And also the original question.


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  • Yup, You're Being Biased.

    • Can't just say that. Have to explain why.

    • Your Long Ass Para Says It All. But Algood, Nothing Wrong With Being Biased👍😁

  • Not all of them are.


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