So we are meeting soon just the two of us for the first time, how do I make it more date and less two friends hang out?

So I asked my crush who is everything I ever looked for in a guy out and I told him that its the two of us meeting. I did not mention the D word in order not to scare him away.
I am really scared I would spoil this, we are going to the place that he wanted us to go with the whole group.
So how do I get him to understand that its a date?


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  • You can't lol unless h spoke about it before dates are bigger flashier then somewhere you would take just friends trying to surprise date someone lol

    • He knows that its just the two of us though

    • That means nothing could be a friendly thing

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  • You proposed that it'll be just the two of you and he invited the whole groupe?

    • No!
      His respond was I would be happy to.
      The place that we are going to is the place that he wanted to go last time we meat with the bunch

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    • Ah ok now i see, well simply put it you can take a look around the place you're gonna be meeting the others at you can ask him to follow you to the secret place you foudn out or you can just tell him that you two should go there together then you'll have time to be alone and talk and all

    • Yeah we will have our alone time

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  • Don't act or create artificiality. Just feel free n express all ur love openly he will understand thts all. Do express wht u feel no need of special things

  • Something has to happend. kiss that fool or hold his face. just something that smashes the routine

    • Ugh I dont him to think I am creepy

    • U said he was a friend?

    • If u wanna play it safe. Be aware of what he likes (sports. video games...) and dance around that. and just be casual. no pressure you got this.

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