How do I forget?

So there was this guy and we both had feelings for one another but he moved away and now he’s engaged like a few months later and it’s killing me that I never told him how I felt... how do I forget him. It’s like we were twin flames...


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  • Y'all both had feelings for each other... I'm assuming he told you how he felt. How come you didn't tell him after you found out he liked you?

    • Have you ever just known that someone will become your world and it’ll end badly? That’s how I felt. There was this amazing connection between us. It was electric.. and i might have been wrong about it ending badly but I didn’t want to risk it. I’m an idiot

    • No, I can't say I have ever felt or thought that. I try not to think negatively about things bc it might end up that way.

      You shouldn't call yourself ban idiot. This is a learning experience. For the record, you can still tell him how you feel just to get it off your chest. That might help you forget about him, or he might bring you two together despite him being engaged.

    • Thanks, I’ll tell him. I have to. Not to interfere or be a homewrecker but, I’ve never felt that way before. I’ve had a serious relationship for 4 years. And I loved that guy. But with Q, it’s different. It’s like my soul wants his.. and I want him to always be happy and never get hurt.. and if he chooses her I’m okay because if he’s happy, I’m happy the only thing that bothers me is that he never knew how i felt so he didn’t have the chance to chooese me.

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  • Try to accept it and just be happy for the memorys you got to make together.
    If that doesn't work.
    Push all of your memorys of him to the side. Remove any personal objects that remind you of him. Remove pictures and all ways of contact. Find a way to distract yourself. Make short and long term goals and when you complete one you will be focused more on your accomplishment than your past.

  • That sucks big time.. well you can focus more on your self like your hobbies and career that will make you forget him and hang out with family, friends make new ones and go out on dates.

  • Just look for ur career concentrate on it n do something which makes ur career grow n see another guy message me if u need more support follow me

  • You are lucky
    Imagine you have proposed him and he would even have accepted it
    But then just like this you have had to remind him Everytime that what is your wish or what you like apart from liking each other
    Its good what happened because he is not capable of commitment which he should have done if he also liked you as you told
    In future also your things and wishes would have been at stake to be excused as he excused you right now
    So just forget the past and live the present and for future just believe
    Good is coming!!!😊


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