Do you ever give up on dating because you feel too ugly?

I've totally given up on dating solely due to the fact I have red hair and fair skin , which 90% of women really hate.

Like ke has anyone else been in a real shit spot.. and climbed out?

Its ts like I see a pretty girl , my first thought is she will hate red headed men and will only being dating a 6 6 tan guy.

espeically with all the social media now. All a girl has to do is go on tinder for 5 mins and find 10 guys lined up ". Constant likes on Insta and Facebook etc.
So I've just gotten to the point of massive Cbf...
anyone else feel like this?


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  • Oh, I didn't realize so many women hate that! Anyway, I am 5ft 8in so I am often rejected for being too short. I know the feeling. The key is to go out with your guy friends and focus on having a good fulfilling life without women. Occasionally, you may meet a woman who gives you positive feedback. In these cases it's imperative to strike while the iron is hot. For the most part unless you are rich or super hot 99% of your interactions with women will be negative, you just need to accept that fact, get over it and focus on being the best person you can and finding fulfillment in other ways.


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  • Red heads are one of a kind, people like basic shit but there will be some who want something what you have
    I think red heads are cute lol


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  • im kinda active and i feel ugly as fuck because i get rejected so many times that i think evwn a talking rock would stay quiet near me to avoid contact

    whwn i fall in love with a girl and finally get the guts i find out she found a boyfriend a few days ago
    im cursed
    il nwver find love
    if i fall in love she ALWAYS find someone else
    i accept paymenta on paypal, if you make me fall in love with you , you will find a boyfriend in no time
    il qbuse this curse

    • How many male friends do you have? Research shows that you will be more successful the more male friends you have. Also, good friends will set you up with quality women! However, don't look for female friends. Research indicates that men with lots of female friends tend to be either gay or low status. Also, in my experience a female friend will never set you up, they will always set a girl up with you, where male friends will set you up!

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    • For sure my man, best of luck to you!

    • im in a caffe rn and that cute girls friends are sitting near me
      they were like
      "Tina lean please i wanna take a photo of something"
      she bent over on a side , i saw a camera right pointed in me
      so im pretty sure that girl likes me, too bad she wasn't there
      and her feiends had to take a pic of me for some reason

  • Yeah, I've given up...

    • Dude, you're too young to quit. Get some male friends hit the gym and get a good job. Spend the next two years improving yourself when you are 22 get the best wingman you can find and get back out there. Never surrender to nihilism!

  • Yeah

  • yes..


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