Why didn't my boyfriend call after our fight?

Two nights ago my boyfriend and I got into a fight. It wasn't a huge screaming fight, but he was really tired and irritable and I felt he was not treating me in a way that I deserved. He ended up leaving my house, even though he was supposed to spend the night). I texted him a half hour later telling him that I was very upset with the way he was treating me and the reasons that I felt that way.

I haven't heard anything since; no emails, calls or texts. Does he not care? I have been miserable, staring at the phone for two days. Is he just an asshole, or is there a reason he might be ignoring me?


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  • did you ever consider the flip side of the coin?

    you both get into a fight and he walks out, you text him instigating the fight further rather then letting him cool down.

    another thing, if he was supposed to spend the night, who started the fight?


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