Why do men disappear without a call, text or email ? No reason?

We dated about a month. He got a 2 week pass at my healthclub, texted all the time, e-mailed and called. Always I miss you, 4 hours and I will see you, etc. Well after 2 weeks, I gave it up like a dumbass. So was that all he wanted? We felt passion, closeness, connection, etc. He wanted to know everything about me, past, work, family. We spent 3 days together here at my house. He left Sun called that night, we emailed Tues and he was suppose to come over Thurs. He texted he could not and no word ever sense. It has been 9 days. I wrote him a nice but to the point email, about at least there is someone out there for me, that I can feel passion and laugh and have so much fun. He even bought grocerys at my house,

No response from the email. I would also like to know he is ok he does have a medical condition. He is 56. Do men grow up. He was divorced about 4 months ago.anyway someone say something.I am tired of wondering about it. I will never date off eharmony again. it took along time to meet him because I was nervous.thanks


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  • I don't know if you let him go or he let you go.please clarify.

    But from my understanding ("I gave it up like a dumbass."), you gave him up.

    So what I say to this is, if this is hurting you so much and causing you so much anguish how do you think he felt when you let him go. He was probably hurt and like you didn't need so much complexity. He sounded like he really cared, maybe he just dosn't know how to respond to you anymore without feeling hurt, or he just dosn't know the words to say. It is very often that I receive email from other and I don't respond because I don't know how to reply to them or don't feel that I should. Maybe you should try to contact him one more time, he seems like a great person.

    Disclaimer: If that is not what the case is please let me know so that I can change my views and reponse.

    • Sorry I was not clear. I had sex with him.."gave it up" I did send him a long, nice email about I am glad I can feel that much of a connection and passion with someone, etc.... still nothing

    • Oooh, sorry I am not very up on terms..I feel horrible now, so sorry..

      Well, it seems like to me that if he did get divorced 4 months ago maybe he is trying to figure out what it is he is going to do with his feelings for you. A lot of the time when people want to get into relationships so they just won't be alone anymore, and it seems as if yours escalated so quickly that it might have caught him by suprise..maybe he wasn't expecitng such strong feelings so fast..and needs time to figure itout