Will he come back again?

So there's this guy, who told me he likes me. When he asked me if I liked him back, I said no, then explained that he, unlike most, deserves to know the honest truth, because I don't want to string him along with false hope.
Even after denying him, he did not quit pursuing me, asking me to see him frequently.
Recently, he posted something about being happy to see some girl. Me, being a secretly jealous psycho decided to put an end to all of his efforts. He explained and proved this girl wasn't a romantic interest. During this discussion, i asmed him why he never gave up, even after I denied him. He said he wants to try. Then he asked if my answer changed since then. I told him only slightly, so it's insignificant. He said even that slightly is noticable from my reaction about that other girl. I told him this wasn't some jealousy act, I just rely on facts.
The conversation ended with him asking if this talk is the beginning of something, or the end of it. After a long pause, my answer was: the end...
My question is, do you think he will try for a third time to get me to like him?


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  • I hope that he doesn't, you're a waste of his time. I don't think he will either.

  • Let's be honest here, if you don't like him then y are u bothered?

    • That's a fair question. I have some mixed feelings right now

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    • Yaaaayyyy and best of luck

    • Thank you so much ❤️

  • Man i feel so bad for the guy. Why dont you tell him what you’re telling us here if he deserves the honest truth?

    • Because I'm scared of rejection and/or being hurt

    • The guy is literally dying for you how is he going to reject you? Well love hurts just like you're hurting him so youve got to take chances.

    • Okay thank you

  • You don't know what you want. Just let the poor guy be so he can find someone who doesn't play mind games.

    • Honestly I'm not doing anything. This was just a question out of my curiosity. The only mind games i play are in my head and to those who deserve it. If this guy had deserved it, I'd understand your concern, but he's honest, so so am i with him

  • If he's smart he won't


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