How important is being a gentleman to a girl?

So, I was raised to always be a gentleman towards women.
In this day and age however, most girl's I have spoken to think that being this way is dated and kind of patronising.
I was just looking for thoughts and opinions from girls to see if a guy being a gentleman is important to them.
Especially in a relationship.
Thanks ^^


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  • If you look at it as being polite and you treat everyone with respect then you cannot go wrong. Although you can always bring this up as the topic of conversation when on the phone or messaging before the actual first date. Very casually you can say “hey, the feminist movement thats happening is very interesting, although I have to admit that I have a lot to learn.”


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  • depends on what type of "gentleman" you are.

    The point of those lessons was for you to be respectful of women, don't treat them as inferiors.

    so, if girls want respect in that you treat them as equals, then being a gentleman becomes doing that.

    • Well, I always hold women in high regard anyway.
      But I meant like general manners.
      Holding doors, pulling chairs at the dinner table and so on.
      I thank you for your reply :)

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  • You have to gauge the situation & the woman when dealing with a woman you know. As some are offended by certain acts. Or you talk to them about it when it comes up. When dealing with strangers you can always be a gentleman if you please or make a guess.

    Don’t assume that because someone is an outspoken feminist that they don’t like being treated like a lady tho. Each woman is an individual.

  • Only if she deserves it

  • not important

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