Girls, Why does she act like this , does she like me , not like me.. shy and nervous 😑☺?

I saw a cute looking girl at university, I would check her out but she when she walks past she would look to the ground. So I stopped it.

But then when I'm working on group task on another table in library she would listen in , sonetimes sge would look at me with cimpudence and others quite nervously. For example she would look at me then if I look back she nervously trys to smile then darts her eyes away and then back again. I thought nothing of it. Until it continued.. staring from a distance. Looking at me when I'm looking for books. Before leaving looking me up and down like she was given me the ok?

But one time I was on my laptop and directly in front of me was the printer. And this is what made me think. in order for her to see me when waiting at the printer she would have to turn completely around. she was wearing more make up etc etc and looked pretty. She knew I was there but she was acting nervous and didn't know how to stand she kept switching positions them tried and then stopped and tried to sneak a glance and looked away nervously and got embarrassed 5 minutes later she saw me talking to a girl and looked at me with confidence again. and got jelous and sad. The time after she completely avoided looking.

2 weeks later I approached her, she was nice, abit quiet, couldn't make eye contact , laughed at my jokes but kept looking at me up and down out the corner of her eyes. So I left her alone. She seemed happier after I approached because normally she's reserved.

So approached a week after , she seemed nervous like twirling her hair etc. So I wanted to make her comfortable. I ask her questions about herself and she made short eye contact. She laughed at things I done that aren't funny.
Again later in that day she seen me in the class opposite I looked at her few times and she noticed me and kept looking and again talking to her friends secretely
Time after i went to talk to her and her friends, she couldn't make eye contact. Was quiet again. I was abit nervous. I said she looks nice. And I then said I have to go. And got my stuff said good luck and bye to her friends. A soon as I left she started talking about me and I looked and she stared. Then she sees me around she looks at me from a distance
But she never asks me any questions, everything else is strong signal?
I dont get why she gives me all those signs , but I approach and she doesn't ask me anything.

From the get go there are strong signs sges self-concious, nervous and doesn't have much dating experience. But I do think get why she give all the signs mention doesn't ask me anything or doesn't look me up close then i walk off she's energetic, staring talking to her friebds. I look at her sge stares back no problem. . Any girls knowalk?


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  • Your description is literally me when me and my crush interact, except, I tend to ask him all the questions (like 85% of the times we talk. it's really sad because sometimes it makes me feel like he doesn't care). But you need to know that in your case, I am positive that she feels differently towards you than for other guys. I'l use me as an example. I am generally a shy person, but when I talk to normal guy friends, it's chill. With my crush, I'm a total awkward, quiet little mess! I don't wanna mess up in front of him so I really watch what I ask him and what I say to him. She doesn't seem to be showing signs of disinterest other than a few mixed signals, which is probably just cause she's shy. I guess it would help if you tried to get on her friend's good side. But don't become too close with them or else she might think you like them! Make her feel special! Compliment her! Keep asking about her! It's okay if she doesn't ask about you because you can do this: "I really like to play volleyball and skateboard, what are some of the things you like to do?" If you say that, she gets to learn about you without having to ask (perhaps cause she is shy) If you can give me updates on how things are going, that would be great! I'd love to see how things turn out! Good luck!!

    • 3rd time I approach I sit beside her ,, she looks at her friend. . I ask her questions, and she diesnt ask any back. I get along with her friends. But I tried to compliment her and say she looks nice and slurred my words and her friends noticed. So I complimented her twice more. But she really quiet and doesn't ask me questions. So I put her rubbish in bin which I normally do for her dI'd that make her feel special? ? But when I walk off to go class she starts chatting away energetically her friebds crowd around and they looking at me one of them laughs and she just looking. . Then I'm like what the actual heck and stare back at her and she's just staring . . So now I'm confused lol why did she act that way

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    • Yes she does , the reason i approached her is bevause sge kept staring sonetimes confidentally and others nervously.

      One time sge was at the printer and had more make up on than usual etc. She knew I could see her waiting and it was like sge didn't know how to stand, so sge kept switching and leaning on each leg. Then when sge stopped sge had to turn completely pleyeky around to see me more and sge dI'd. . She notuced I saw and DartEd her eyes away and back again lie she didn't now whether to look or not. But 5 minutes after sge saw me chatting to a girl and looked shocked.. I seen her outside threw window 3 minutes after and she was staring at phone looking upset and embarrassed. Ever since she saw me with the girl she avoided looking.. so I approached and sge knows why. But the recent time is confusing but I am sure sge knows I like her and I have not told anyone

    • I am sure she is just shy! Don't worry! Sometimes I unintentionally give my crush mixed signals and try to act like I don't like him just so I don't seem desperate, and it's kinda like I'm trying to play hard to get. Since she knows that you like her, she is probably trying to test you and see how much effort you put in to get her. Her body language is giving off the impression that something makes her nervous, especially when you're around! ;) Also, I don't just avoid eye contact with someone for no reason and get nervous!!

  • Maybe she does
    Just approach her again.


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