Why does she do this?

Girl friend of mine at work likes to act like she doesn’t see me and I have to be the first to say hi most of the time. Like it’s super obvious, I’ll see her, know that she’s seen me 100% and she act like she didn’t see and I have to walk up and say hi. Why does she do this? There were a couple times she’s come up to me while I was sitting and struck up a convo. But usually I have to...


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  • Oh dude, she's in "work mode". Some girls (and guys) separate their work life from their romantic life, and don't like them to mix while working. I'm a bar tender and I have dated other bartenders. I have gone entire shifts without saying hi, but I always say bye (if I got off before her).


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  • Shy or is playing hard it get

    • I prefer girls opinions over guys bc we are typically clueless...

    • 😂 trust me girls can be Just as clueless, girls are usually just more sly about what they want

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  • Mostly women are attention seekers big time... And you have to approach them and make them feel special or wanted I guess... Or it could be that she does not want anyone else at the workplace to know u guys are dating

  • - She doesn't find you interesting
    - She doesn't have good social skills
    - You don't have good social skills
    - She's busy at work and can't chat
    - She doesn't feel like chatting


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