Why would anyone not want to date a person they like and are attracted to if its casual. I e they are not interfering in you seeing other people?

I understand if you are unsure about being exclusive, but if you like a person and they are ok with casual dating. what would be the problem?

this is hypothetical. im just looking at psychology behind dating from different angles.
  • well if i really like her him, it'd bother me to be open and id rather not date her/ him. I'd be jealous.
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  • there's no problem. id do it.
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  • Doesn't appeal to me because I want to feel desired by her/ him specifically.. I want the person i'm dating to want me, not to not mind if i'm seeing other people.
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  • Even if its 'open' they can still be frustrating to date.
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  • I have casually dated before, but some people can't really handle it because they get too attached once they're having sex with someone regularly.

    • dooes that mean therefore you dont like doing it-bc some people can't handle it?

      or that you dont mid doing it-even though some other people can't handle it?

  • Well according to the bible, premarital sex is wrong, so take what you will from that.

    • nothing in the question suggested sex or no sex, just dating,

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    • you can't date in the bible? no courting?

    • No premarital sex, dating is fine.

  • It is not mutual.

    • if what is not mutual.

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