Where/how do I make friends and meet girls?

My social life has dried up completely since I finished school I'm not meeting new people or doing any activities. Its very lonely. Where do I start.


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  • Figure out at least 2 activities that you enjoy doing or are interested in learning about and THAT HAVE A SOCIAL COMPONENT to them (meaning: they get you out of the house and meeting new groups of people). That might be joining a gym, playing pool at a bar, joining an adult softball league, taking a music or cooking class, or even a group that gets together and plays board games. There's a thousand possibilities.

    Like I said, start doing at least 2 such activities, and when you go, start introducing yourself to people. Don't hit on any women right away - just get a feel for the people and figure out which groups would be good friends, and then gravitate towards them. Over time, you'll build friendships with them, and you'll start being invited to do things with them outside the group - and meet more of THEIR friends. Doing this will expand your circles of friends enormously, and that's usually the best way to meet a potential partner.

    And if you don't find anyone in those circles of friends, keep expanding outwards - meet THEIR friends, and so on. And if you find one activity is a "dry hole", then you dump it and do something else on that day of the week.

    If you pick things that you're going to enjoy doing anyway, then you'll keep going long enough to establish friendships, and you won't might the wait because you're having fun along the way. It's also a good opportunity for THEM to see you having a good time - people who are happy and having fun are much more attractive than those who stand against the wall and look depressed or desperate.


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  • For me, I joined a gym... and a kickboxing/brazilan jitjisu class. Met a lot of nice people. Join a class or something! You can pick something you like doing and meet people who like the same!!

  • You could respond to them?


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