Would a guy kiss you on your first 'date' but never try to contact you at all?

This guy is driving me nuts thinking too much.. We just met a couple weeks ago (we both commute, so we always meet after work, only for around 15 min each day though). He asked me out at the end of the first week, I said no because we just met and didn't know each other that much yet (a decision which I regretted all through that weekend).

But I thought maybe he was asking me out just as a friend you know, just someone to hang out with. So the next week he asked I said okay. He was looking really good that Friday, adorable! ;p

We had dinner together, and at some point after that, after a lot of heartfelt story-telling, and a lot of laughs and fun, he tried to kiss me and I sort of evaded.. I don't understand I thought he thought we were just friends? Because he didn't even ask for my number, and after I gave him, and asked for his (via email, which was also my initiative), he still hasn't contacted me yet.

He did say he was a laid back person, and asked if he could try it again (the kiss - and even though I said not now, deep inside I thought I would very much love him to do so). But still no news from him yet... I'm confused... any help please...?

Hey, thanks so much for your replies. Okay then, I will definitely try something tomorrow. I hope I won't end up embarrassing myself lol.


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  • you evaded the kiss he may think you aren't interested. show more interest and one day when you hang out and flirt again show him you want to kiss by kissing his cheek.


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  • He probably feels just as confused as you do lol. You seem to be into the guy but you won't kiss him even though you want to. He probably doesn't know where he stands with you.

    • But do you think it's normal if a guy is into you but he doesn't try to contact you at all? Does that mean I didn't mean that much to him and he went out with me just for fun? and his kiss would have been just for fun too?

    • I think it's normal for a guy not to contact a girl when he's already been shot down for kisses and dates with her. He probably thinks you just want a friendship and doesn't want to bug you. You're not really sending any signals that you'd want him to call.