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Is there anything that girls don't like about a guy especially? I've tried talking to people but they just seem to not like me so I was just wondering if there was anything that girls really don't like about guys?


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  • Worried about the wrong thing. Seriously reconsider what's important.
    Are you a lover or a player?

    If you go for love worry about yourself first. You have time to find love. No broken heart for you. It HURTS!!!

    If you're trying to master the game; one word, confidence. Chest out, chin high, boast your presence. People seeing you say, "try to hard." All haters. Fuck em.

    The real will acknowledge your effort possibly hassle you for it a bit but that's encouragement. Girls that recognize and are affected by your new spark are respectively TURNED ON BY YOUR NEW FOUND CHARM. Do not back down. Trying with these newly enticed young women will grant you experience that is essential for you're development as a man.

    When you converse with them remain casual. Listen to their response (s) navigate yourself accordingly.

    IF YOU DO NOT HAVE KNOWLEDGE ON SUBJECTS, do not panic. Inquire for their intelligence and enable them to feel like they're on top of the world for a miniscule moment. They have to show you. You show them they are needed by you. Value them and in turn they'll value you too.

    • I presume your first question is about if im there for her for for sex. And I'm always there for the girl, that just how I work. I don't like the idea of just finding someone for sex.

    • So you're a lover.
      I wasn't posing a question.
      Protect your heart. If people don't like you, good. You won't end up with a bitter woman who can't stand you. Find someone you connect with and love whom in return loves you.

  • The only thing I don't like in guys is when they lie cheat or are abusive, so as long as you aren't doing those you should be fine, just might take awhile to find the right girl


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