Would you be uncomfortable dating someone who does a lot to please you, but doesn't ask for much in return?

I'm the kind of guy that would simply enjoy the fact that someone would spend time with me. I don't ask for much.

That being said, I love doing things for others that would make a person smile, whether it be for love or friendship.

I find myself being willing to go through a lot of lengths to find a reason to make someone smile, especially if they're in a rough spot.

My additional question to this is: is it bad to be a rather simple person to date?


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  • He’s in it for SOMETHING... like what does he expect me to look like, or smile like or make him feel? He’s doing favors to keep THOSE things around, just because he doesn’t want the exact things back doesn’t mean he doesn’t have expectations.

    How he acts when I fail to meet them sometimes shows more than how he acts when he’s looking for attention.


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  • It’s not a good idea to be giving without any expectation/requirement for the other person to give to you. You will be a doormat & many people who would treat you right if you respect yourself will NOT when they see you being a doormat.


    • I'll keep that in mind.

    • It’s better to dial your attention up/down based on what you get. You can go a little over if you like but not a lot.

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  • I think trying to please people is a great attribute to have as long as you don't put yourself last and take measures to not be manipulated. I'm normally the same type of person in a relationship and I've never had issues with someone saying I'm too simple or should ask for something in return. Nobody wants to date someone who asks for something at every turn and the relationship is tit for tat on everything. A relationship is about giving, some people just do more of it and that's fine.

  • Well, do not be too nice and befriend with someone you like if you like soneone straight up tell that person how you feel


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