Guys, What are his intentions?

8 months ago I ended my relationship with my partner of 13 years as it wasn't working.

2 months later I met someone on a night out. He asked for my number. He was a few years older than me (34), and going through a divorce (his wife cheated). We had mutual friends so was aware he'd been 'laddy' in the past.

We text for weeks. He asked me on a date. I didn't want to bump into my ex so we agreed he would cook dinner at his. Evening was great, felt like I'd know him for years. I stayed the night, we had really good, long sex. He made breakfast and dropped me off. He invited me round to watch a movie that night (no sex). The next month we seen each other loads. Lunch out, cooking for each other, lengthy phone / video calls. He spoke about how his parents would love me. One night he told me he was falling for me but didn't want to get hurt. He thought I was going to be up & down over my ex. I reassured him I had no intention of reuniting with my ex and that I was enjoying spending time with him.

Things seemed to cool down. I asked what was up and he said he thinks we need to take it easy as he was emotionally drained as his divorce was imminent and that he thought I would need space adjusting to life without my ex. He said we should still talk but I said its best we just leave it. I was unsure whether these were his real feelings as I know he had been enjoying single life.

The last few months we have had some contact (mostly instigated by him). On one occasion he suggested meeting for lunch but it didn't come off. I've been slightly distant as I have had a hard time as I really liked him.

Last week, he randomly text and seemed really keen. After a few days of talking we met for lunch (his suggestion). It was great, we laughed, flirted and had some serious chats about our lives. Since then he has been very keen. He has planned a date for this week but all I can think is what are his intentions? Why all of a sudden am I so appealing? I don't want to get hurt.


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  • Sounds like he was "emotionally drained" and now... isn't any more. Took some time for him to be ready to be more serious with you and... now he's ready.

  • Where's the fun if you don't get hurt but seriously you guys have that chemistry you like him he likes you go for it stop playing it safe life is too short to compromise in these stuff enjoy.


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