What to do when you can't get a date?

I have tried for years to get a date and have had no luck. I am getting rather desperate, but not stupid. Its so bad that whenever I see a couple, I get angry and sad at the same time and can't stand being near them. I need someway to vent my frustrations. Any suggestions. (Please don't say to just ask someone, I am working on it.)


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  • I'm gonna ask the most politically incorrect and superficial question out there.. Is there something wrong with you physically? Like if you have two noses or something it might be kinda hard 2 get a date. If not, then maybe your just going about it the wrong way? Maybe join a few dating sites or something...apparently they really work for some people. Especially if you're on the shy side. But I bet there are tons of girls out there who wonder why they never get asked out too! its a tough question because I'm not sure what your situation is... Not that you can ever be too picky but are you going for the wrong kinda girls? Hope this helps a little.. Good luck! xo

  • I know what you are talking about.

    But hey, you don't need a girlfriend to be happy.

    Go out and have fun! Go out partying, you never know you could always meet someone there, when not even trying.


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