First message on dating apps?

On dating apps like OkCupid and tinder I always find it difficult to start a conversation out of the blue. I feel most comfortable saying "hi, how are you?" I understand that this is likely boring and lots of girls will have a lot of messages like this in their "in box." So I try and comment on something in there profile that I would feel would illicit a response but rarely get one.

Girls when you open up your in box and see a new message from a guy what do you want to see so I can start a real conversation?


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  • Put "dtf?" and 99/100 times you will get a response

    • I'm going to need a second opinion on this. Girls?

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    • Then if they reply you can ask them a question about their profile and hopefully the convo will flow from there! Remember to be flirty and mysterious though as to keep her interested!

    • Haha I figured as much. Sarcasm doesn't come across well through text. And yeah this is all pretty standard stuff, I'm likely just thinking to hard.

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