Is it normal to remain hurt after a guy rejects you?

Year ago, I had developed feelings for a coworker. However I did not reveal them. Once he caught me staring at him and I immediately turned my eyes away. Somehow he got hinted. One day as he was in a bad mood, he insulted me by saying that I should not think about him and that I have no business to ask him about him. He was not interested in what I was interested. And I should stop looking at him as others could make scandals out of it. His behavior shattered me and at that time. I had decided to quit my job. But I didn't. I stopped looking at him or talking to him. He also never apologised. I left that place a year ago. But I am still very hurt even today. I wish he could not have misbehaved with me. Or did I do anything wrong by liking him? Is it normal to feel hurt?


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  • I think his attitude was bad for how he came accross to you.

    If you've left the job and moved on then you need to forget this.. it is hurtful when any one is mean like that but if your a kind caring person liking someone and being attracted to them is a normal thing. Nothing to be ashamed of..

    Move on, forget it. You will meet someone who recipicates your feelings and forget all about this


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  • Oh i get why you ´re hurt , he bruised your ego for sure but let me tell you something he was really rude and i ´m glad you got away from him

  • It's better to move on. Feeling hurt at first is fine, but remaining like that nope


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