Why do some people still think it’s a good idea to catfish?

Last night I had a painfully awkward date on 3 accounts.

1. The girl ended up being much fatter than her pics were to the point where she looked like someone else and had a major double chin.
2. Just revealed to me she has 2 kids
3. She couldn’t hold a conversation to save her life. She was like that prior to the date and I thought maybe she was more talkative in person but she sat there quietly with mostly awkward silences and any time we did talk, which was brief, it was small talk.

It was a very short date there because since she wouldn’t say anything, I felt a lot of pressure to keep the conversation interesting and struggled to come up with topics and with all the turnoffs, I decided to end it early because it was going nowhere.

Back on topic, what is the point of misleading someone with your appearance? I mean looks aren’t everything of course, but they still matter and I’m not gonna shame someone for the way they look, but it’s honestly bullshit when someone blatantly misleads you and then acts like you’re an asshole for not being attracted to the way they are.

Seriously, what is the point? If anything, how are you gonna know who’s really attracted to you if you mislead people?

This is kinda turning me off of online dating. Now most haven’t done this but it’s happened enough where it’s like what the fuck! It’s a waste of time for everyone and doesn’t do anyone any favors.


Most Helpful Girl

  • That's why it's best to video chat with people you are arranging to meet up with online.

    I'd rather be single than resort to online dating.

    • Yeah or Snapchat, etc.

      Yeah online dating is kinda BS, I won’t lie, but I’m having a hard time meeting people in person.

    • Yeah, I understand why people do turn to online dating though. Many people find it difficult to meet a potential partner in real life, for a variety of reasons. Just don't give up. And don't meet someone until you've video chatted with them.

Most Helpful Guy

  • That girl lied bro. But at least you gave her a shot. Can't knock the hustle man.


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  • This is not catfishing. You’re being really dramatic. There’s so many worse ways to be lied to.

    • Not that dramatic. It’s hard to tell my tone through text. And I agree, way worse things to lie about. The whole her withholding that she has kids till the date and being quiet the whole time was way worse.

    • It’s a date, you didn’t marry her. Move on. Not the end of the world

    • I didn’t marry her, but the point is why do it in the first place? It just makes it awkward.

  • Then don't date online. Also, I don't believe this is the definition of a catfish.


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