Talking to a guy who hangs around people I get bad vibes from?

I started talking to this guy and I got a hunch to see the kind of people he hands around. Turns out he hangs with people I’m not fond of at all. I live in a small town and I know how these people operate. I have a deep feeling in my stomach he’s a playboy. Should I stop talking?
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  • You are judging too early.
    Just make him as a research subject and you keep tabs on everything without him knowing a thing

    • I know I’m jusging too early boyfriend these people he hangs with are... rude. I know them. I had an ex that coincidentally hung out with these people too and now he’s in jail..
      I don't know I’m just getting bad vibes is all.

    • Just wait a while. If he turns out to start doing drugs with these kids or stealing or any crime leave him and don't talk to him.

  • I'm going through the same thing, trust your instinct. Not all of them are bad, but they may eventually start acting like their friends (ex. Drugs, if one uses them he's more than likely going to try). But hey, if he's hot give it a go?

    • I know not all are bad.
      However from what I gathered he smokes/drinks with his friends. Has no job right now but he’s looking.
      It seems like these are red flags already but I’m not sure. He’s 26 by the way.

    • Just from what your typing I'm getting major red flags, I'd steer clear of him unless you are really interested in him. There's always someone else.

    • Yeah..
      Sometimes I'm oblivious to the signs.
      Or I let looks get in the way of big clear red flags.
      he's attractive and by his pictures looks like he has a nice family too...
      I'll steer clear away. I'm just not getting good vibes.

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