How do you feel about your girlfriend having multiple guy friends? Is that okay? Should I allow?

How do you feel about your girlfriend having multiple guy friends? Is that normal should I be okay with my girlfriend having male friends me personally I don’t believe in anything platonic I’m a male , and honestly I don’t think these guys really look at my girl as a friend I know they just wanna fuck her


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  • My girlfriend has guy friends, and i know that if they try something, she will reject them. I just trust her that much. What is relationship without trust?

    • You’re right that’s why my relationship isn’t working because I don’t trust her. I used to. But 7 months ago I was told by a peer that she flirts with her guy friend. Ever since then my trust has been gone. Now I take hours of our day questioning her about males. She’s not allowed to speak to any males anymore. And I don’t allow her to wear certain clothes. Is it right that 7 months later I make her go through that? Should we have broke up when that person told me? Am I right for feeling the way that I do?

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    • I’m happy. But I bring it up all the time. And question her for hours on different guys. Guys that she doesn’t know sometimes. So she’s not happy

    • I dont want to get into your relationship but if there is anyone unhappy in the relationship that would be a sign for me to break up.
      But better think about it before making any decisions yet.

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