Would this be fine to do?

I want to try and talk to this girl again one last time because she's all I think about and I obviously like her a lot. I knew her from high school and liked her a lot then too but I graduated she is now 16 and I'm 19 (btw it's legal to date where I live) She basically rejected me a few months ago though and I haven't talked to her since. When asking for her number I had a panic attack in front of her and made myself look like a ***** because I walked away at first in the middle of talking to her and I blurted out nevermind but before we left I just asked if she wanted to hangout sometime and she gave me her number. She ended up saying that I had the wrong number when I knew it was right. I kind of feel like I blew it because of my confidence but I've changed a few things about me since then and I know it most likely won't matter and nothing is going to change but you never know. Would this be alright to do depending how I go about it?


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