Is he a player?

So there is that guy that I met months ago. we talked a few times and then he asked me if I would like to go out for some drinks. In a conversation talking about sports and working out he said something about fitness couples , and that we could be one of them maybe.
We went to a bar and when we sat I noticed he was shacking his leg and arm maybe because he was really nervous? , I mean he was shaking a lot , specially his hand even when he was smocking. He didn't talk to much except when I asked him things
we went for a walk while we were talking, he told me something about when he was a kid.
In a moment there was a awkward silence and suddenly he was caresses my cheek and he came closer and started kissing me.
He was kind of sweet, I mean he also hugged me and try to warm me up when I told him I was feeling cold and that he was looking at me because I'm pretty , not because he's looking for a flaw. He also had that kind of sweet look/eyes. He even wore my hat while kissing.
I texted him just to know if he had a good travel but he didn't answer , but it's not the first time he leave me on reply.
Is there any possibilities he could be a player? He didn't act like a fuckboy or one night stand. Or at least the boys my friends kissed in a bar didn't act like him.
We are both shy , and we look alike in some things because of it


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  • If he looks good and is fit, chances are he is a player in some way, shape or form, especially if he is attractive enough to have women approach him.

    • He looks good for me, other people probably are gonna say he's ok. He's normal , no the fit type with a lot of muscle.
      And I don't think he has a lot of woman approaching him

    • If women are not approaching him, then he shouldn't have a player mindset.

      If even a few do try to cold approach him, it does slowly instill that player mindset.

      It happened to me. Women approaching guys builds a shitload of confidence and I pushed my limits with that confidence.

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  • I mean.. i haven't heard anything here that tells me he's a player? So there's n reason to assume so just yet.
    Has he replied yet?

    • No, and I sent that's text almost a week ago. Plus , today he unfollow me on Instagram.

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    • Thank you ! ❤️
      It's 'I can't get the guy that I want either '

    • Just gotta keep going~ my boyfriend came to me when i wasn't even looking. Same will happen for you probably

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  • It's hard to know, honestly. But I will say: It is possible to be shy AND a fuckboi. Trust me.

    • Yeah, I was thinking if that could be possible.
      But in the other hand, he was seriously shaking his leg, I asked why and he said ' I didn't realice , maybe I was nervous'
      Fuckboys tends to be calm because it's all games they've played. Don't they?

    • Yeah, I suppose so... if they are SKILLED fuckbois. I think the problem is you can suck with women and still be a fuckboi. Doesn't it mostly mean you don't commit? I actually sometimes shake my legs and stuff, but I don't think it's nerves, I just think it's kind of a high - a bit like when you have had too much coffee.

  • Ehhhh, hard to say.


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