Is it Normal to always bring up things that have been said out of an anger during fights? Even after you've already apologized for them?

My girlfriend and I have been dating for a year and within that year we have obviously fought. In those fights we've both said awful things in Anger to each other. Things like your dumb, selfish, childish immature etc etc. I have let all of it go, however my girlfriend seems to keep a database of every negative thing I have ever said during a fight and she says I'm abusive cause of it and always brings it up , but I've never said anything mean to her when we weren't fighting. If I've let all or stuff go why can't she? Is this normal behavior?
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  • You are both immature if you can't talk like normal people. Even if you don't agree with something you can use arguments instead of insulting. It only shows weakness.


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  • Personally if she brought it up to me after so long I would say you know you have said some horrible things to but I have let them go, but if you can not maybe I just need to go.

  • It CAN be normal, but keep an eye on the rest of her behavior. Actions speak louder than words.

  • it's not normal


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