Should I end things? Or just wait it out?

I met a guy through a friend and we've been seeing each other for over 2 months. In the beginning, everything was great. We went out on dates, talked on the phone, texted eachother often, and he was really sweet. We went away to Niagara falls for 2 days over the holidays and he surprised me with 2 gifts. He opened up to me about his past relationship, and his family. I thought this trip would have brought us closer.

However, I noticed after we came back, things changed. The communication decreased, we did not see eachother for 3 weeks. I confronted him through text about it and he basically said he gets attached to people easily and he has a lot of things going on in his life at the moment with work, family and financial problems. He's going away in late February on vacation and he told me he has to work and pay off his bills and save for the vacation.
After that happened, we went to the movies and I spent the night at his house. The evening went well, he was sweet and affectionate. After I went home, a few days later things went back to the same thing. I sent him a text last week saying that I'm tired of the games and I'm done. He said he's been really busy with work, and he has a lot on his hands. I just don't know what to make of this situation. In the beginning he told me he wants me to be his girlfriend eventually. Now, I have no idea where I stand with him. I really like him but I don't want to waste my time. Should I end it? Or wait it out?


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  • Unfortunately, patterns like this don't typically get better. Probably best to cut your losses if you don't want to be second to whatever else he has going on


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  • Probably either doesn't actually know what he wants out of it, or has some depression/ anxiety related issues that has him going through phases.

    • You could be right, he told me that he's sick of his routine with work and that he's tired and sad. I asked him why and he said he doesn't know. I told him that I'll be here for him if he ever wants to talk

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    • Shoot him a message every now and then and see if he's up for conversation or hanging out. If he blows you off and tells you that works a struggle or he just isn't feeling it, play it cool and say something like "no problem, im here if you need me" etc etc. Gradually he may start to witness the difference between you and others and will start to seek you out. Of course it may also not happen at which you just cut your losses and move on since you're human too.

    • Yea that's what I'll do for now, thank-you for your help

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