Long distance relationships?

I've bin dating this girl for 5 months now it's bin mostly long distance my feelings for her come and go based on my mood what should I do?


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  • Well what do you feel for her now?

    Also , why do you think that is so? that you feelings fluctuate?

    • Well at this exact moment I'm somewhere in the middle like I feel like I have can have amice conversation with her

      And I have no idea why that happens maybe because I just haven't physically bin with her enough time which leads to the next question is this in fact important enough to keep trying and making it work?

    • @Asker I understand where you are coming from and I was gonna ask the same question. You seem to be in a Tug-O-War when it comes to this relationship. Maybe you need to take a break (Haha, as if a long distance relationship isn't enough ) and RE-VALUATE you goals and really what you want from this life.

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