What to do when a girl says she doesn't know if she is interested or jist friends?

We went on a first and a second date and it was really fun. We laughed and enjoyed each other company. But bc I wasn't sure if she wanted more than friends I didn't make any move. But now I asked here if she waa like interested in me or just for friends. And she was like 50/50. What should I di to change tgis 50/50 to a 100 that sge is interested in me?


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  • Nothing, you walk. When a girl is attracted to you, trust me when I say they know 100%. What this girl is talking is wishy washy nonsense, and some might even say it's a shit test.

    What you do is create distance, and continue looking / dating other girls, that's what you do.

    • But in addition to the post. I did create some distance on the second date. On the first date ee were really close and cosy etc. And she really wanted ti see me again. But I took more distance on the second date and that made heir doubt, thats what she said

    • I wouldn't pay much attention to what she says to be honest, a lot of what girls say doesn't even make any sense. I just watch their actions.

    • You are also forgetting that you are the prize. A girls life improves often drastically when she has a good guy in her life and it's possible they gain more advantages than a man does. Bear this in mind. Know your value. Really, she should be the one trying to demonstrate why you should have her in your life, not this ''how do I change 50% to 100%''.

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