At what height do you think men should give up?

It's no secret girls want tall men, but how short is too short that you will feel unsafe with him or risk your children having his genes?


Most Helpful Guy

  • It's more about confidence than height. Guys who are insecure about their height will have a hard time getting girls. I've seen 5'3 guys with beautiful women on their arms, taller than him, but with him nonetheless. All of them were comfortable with who they were and let that confidence show.


Most Helpful Girl

  • 1. I'm not having children so I don't give a fuck
    2. I don't care what height he is. I'm fairly short and I've been with guys who are shorter than me when I wear heels. No big.

    • What height was the shortest guy?

    • I'd estimate he was about 2 inches taller than me, so like 5'4"

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  • I prefer tall guy but that's ok as long he's taller than me 😅

    • So at your height or lower, guys have no value and have no business being in relationships nor want one, yes? What height are you

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    • Oh, that kind of conflicts with original opinion, when girls specify a height, is it that ot bust?

    • It's a preference. If I get to know a small guy and I develop some feeling for him, I won't ignore them because he's smaller than me. But like I said, at the beginning, I won't be focused to him.

  • If i love him, is really does'nt matter


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