Does it sound like red flags to you?

I work 2 jobs and I usually only see him before he goes to bed (before I go into my second job). Other than that I only see him every other weekend- he has every other weekend off and I don't work weekends. He recently got a new job a few months back and works with a bunch of slutty women (he works at a bar). One of my friends went in there a week or so ago (her cousin works there too) and saw my boyfriend. She saw him taking to one of the other employees and she was giggling and play pushing him and he play pushed her back. He then saw my friend and quickly walked away from the girl and went towards the back of the bar.

I was on his phone the other day and went onto his Instagram. His recent searches are for this girl and he liked quite a few of her pictures.

It just seems weird and not like him to do things like this. My friend says there are huge red flags and he's probably cheating but I don't know.


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