Can a mam fine true love?

Cause I have never seem true love in my hold life N I which to so let talk about it cause I can wait to fine one


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  • Yes true love exists.
    It exists between friends
    It exists between couples
    It exists between parent and children.

    Talking about a romantic connection, true love is there in a lot of cases but you know why things still don't work out? Its because people don't work in relationships, they don't talk, they don't make effort.

    You need to make an effort even in a true friendship.

    I have seen true love a lot of times. It takes work to keep it that way.

    • For how long

    • As long as both of you put in an effort. You know the feeling when you start drifting from an old friend, and you find it easier to stop putting in the effort to talk to them rather than putting in an effort to talking once in a while, it likes that.
      I have seen it last lifetime. Obviously there have been bad times but without them, you stop appreciating the good times.

    • Ya let say it all starts good but it will not end cause u don't have the hand support the woman

  • I think most men do find true love. Just some men mess it up and let it get away

    • No sometimes the woman may love their man so much but the man don't have the support for their man so for that reason she will have to go cause these day women say no better day that the true

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