How do you guys when you love boyfriend/girlfriend?

I want know because I have been dating this girl for a 8 months now and I haven't said yet she has already and feel guilty that I don't feel it yet when do you know? Here's clip of TV couple that I love


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  • Love that couple! Don't want her to leave suits. Different people tell differently. I knew I love my fiance when I imagined my future and he was in it, when I wanted to talk to him about how my days been or when something good had happened, I also knew because if I thought about him leaving me or us breaking up I'd get extermly upset.


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  • In my experience you basically love her you keep thinking about her all the time. Her face, her smile and even about your future together. She genuinely makes you happy and even in your sad moments talking to her will make you feel better.

  • What does the question evwn mean?


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