Should I tell him how I feel about our differences?

There is a guy out there and we like each other a lot. He told me I'm a great match for him and I feel the same way about him.
The problem is we are different races and cultures. I kind of feel like he thinks I wouldn't want to be him as in officially dating because of his race and culture. He even said that he never thought he would have a chance with me.
On top of that, he said that he's surprised how good we are together because how different our backgrounds are.
I want to be with him but I never told him that. Now I feel like I want to tell him that I don't care about the differences and I don't care what he thinks. I just want him to know how I feel.
Is that a good idea to tell him the truth? If I do, will he feel pressured to do anything?
I don't want him to feel pressured. I just want him to know the truth.


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  • Nothing great ever happens in your comfort zone. If it scares you a little, it's likely the right thing to do.


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  • Telling the truth as you understand it to a person you love is always the right choice. Life is a complex and tricky thing to experience and proper truthful communication makes it easier to understand and will surely make the relationship much more meaningful. Not to mention that he will start to trust and enjoy your time together more if he feels like he can trust you and your intentions.

  • If you want to tell him then tell him. Just remember that surprise shows what he feels on the inside.

  • Always be honest


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