How do I tell if it's a date or not?

So I've been talking to this girl for a while now and I can't tell if she likes me or not.

So a week ago I asked her if she wanted to go get some ice cream with me and she said yes and it was a lot of fun cause we got to talk a lot and she said she had a really great time and that "we needed that"

Now we are doing it again sometime this week and also I asked if she wanted to spend a weekend day going hiking with me to the top of this beautiful mountain waterfall I know and have a lunch at the top just the two of us. She said yes and she has told me she really wants to go.

How do I know if these are dates or what?


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  • I think these are most definitely pre-dates. You can't call them dates unless you both decide they are but I'm sure she is wondering the same thing. So ask her out on a "real" date when you are both on the mountain if you think it is OBVIOUSLY romantic. Try to flirt a lot going up the mountain to be sure. If you're not sure then wait until you get back down the mountain to ask so it isn't an awkward walk down.


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  • wow are you a great guy or what?! those would be amazing dates to go on that girl is lucky! yes I would definitely consider those dates, I have never had a guy ask me to go hiking like that! its so romantic! I hope everything goes well!

    • Haha thanks that means a lot to me :) I just hope she thinks the same...

    • I don't see how she couldn't and if she doesn't then she's really stupid lol

  • Yess I would deff consider those dates! By the way I give you major kudos, ha most guys would just do a dinner & movie. But hiking & taking her to a waterfall is wayy beyond that! I'd love & be so impressed if a guy ever did that :)


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